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All of our customers have different challenges and we take the time to listen and work closely with them to develop the best, most cost effective marketing solutions that deliver measurable results for them.

We work with both B2B and B2C companies in Taiwan and across Asia in a range of industries and we understand the challenges that you can face in a rapidly evolving digital world.

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Meet The Team

Our team has extensive experience listening to and helping manufacturers to increase their revenue by developing customised marketing solutions to help you reach your sales targets.

Managing Director

Nick Vivian

Originally from the UK, I first came to Taiwan in 1989, My family is Taiwanese and I am now consider myself a Taiwanese person in most respects.
For the last decade, I have been helping a large number of companies develop new marketing content and strategies.

I have extensive experience in both Digital (Video – Web – App Platforms) and Print / Exhibition marketing, with a focus on writing excellent content delivered to a global market with Global Sense !

Some of the customers I have worked with include:
Mitsubishi Electric – BenQ – TPI – Rorze – Hartford – Foxconn ..and many more.

Managing Director

Nathan Mac Donald

French National, I have been working in Taiwan for over 17 years holding positions such as Head of International Sales, Purchase and Product Design Officer, Marketing Consultant, Industry Journalist, Digital Media Project Planner, Web Consultant and more.

Fluent in Chinese, English and French, I truly enjoy working with Asian companies finding strategies and creating digital media solutions to promote their products, increase sales and establish their brands worldwide.
Heading up the Web department at Globalsense, I have a vast experience in new digital trends, UX & UI Design, SEO, Social Media, Web Development, and Graphic Design.

Some of the customers I have worked with include:
Danchief – Cannondale – Beto – Fritz Jou – Chenhsong – Autoland- Waytrain – Posa ..and many more.

Production Manager

Karen Smith

I have 5 years media experience including Print Production, and 2 years dedicated Video Production Management experience working on corporate profile and image projects for a wide range of domestic and international customers.

At GlobalSense, I ensure smooth project flow and that production tasks are on schedule.

Web Developer

Ben Hsieh

I have been developing web applications for a broad spectrum of enterprise clients throughout the years. From writing custom modules to wrangling frameworks and APIs, I major in html, css, css3, javascript, & jquery.

Creating stunning visual effects, and writing custom code to make your applications deliver the best user experience is what I do.

Senior Digital Designer

Darren Roberts

I have worked extensively in the field of web design, SEO and Conversion Optimization, creating CMS-driven websites that display well on desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

My interests include using quality content, Video Production, Social Media, Google Adwords pay per click and publication via other channels to get the message across to clients.

Director of Finance

Thalia Wang

I have extensive experience in a range of international brands in both the UK and Taiwan, building excellent working relationships with supplier and customers. I have special experience in carbon fiber production and the bicycle industry.

At Globalsense I keep everyone in line, making sure our finances are always “Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion”


Chinese Content & Social Media Marketing

Yvonne Lin

Sales Manager for 9 years at 大千電台 Super FM99.1 one of the biggest radio stations in Taiwan, dealing with hundred of clients, has given me a unique experience in Marketing, Content Creation, Sales Strategy, & Product Positioning.

At GlobalSense I consult on Social Media Strategies, Chinese Content Research, and provide strategic marketing recommendations based on an understanding of your unique market. Truly helping companies find innovative ways to create distinctive market positioning and growth is what I do best.

Product Design & 2D-3D Visual Effects

Dean Sweden

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Video Production Manager

Dido Hong

Brief Coming Soon

Video Editor

Mira Ting

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